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Please send to us your CV through this link. or complet our questionare.


When you sent to us your C.V. you gave to us confidential informations about your data. According to GDPR, We store and use your data exclusively in our Human resource database. Approach to yours data only have employees of GS Global Service. We share yours personal data with our Clients, and goverment services due to employment.
We do not share yours data with anybody who do not participate in employment process. Yours data will be stored in our database for 1 year, after that period we will delete yours data.
At any time during 1 year you have right to ask us for deleting yours data.

For all persons who have been entered into our database, or who have sent to us their C.V.s, our service are free of charge both before and after employment.
We will never claim any payments from you , if you recive that kind of email please alert us.