The primary aim of becoming the most trusted business partner and employer of all of our clients and users...

In march 2018. we changed our name from Posao i karijera d.o.o. ( Job and Career LLC) to GS Global service LLC. We are the same company established in 2004. with same PIN, DUNS number, bank account, headquarters and with same management board.

  • PIN: 45590195782
  • DUNS number: 500627480
  • Identification number: 2667658
  • Belgium enterprise number: 715.505.949
  • Luxembourg notification number: 2019.02.21PRE0010157930/NID974

GS Global service LLC is a company that specialises in temporary and permanent employment, with the primary aim of becoming the most trusted business partner and employer of all of our users.
Our company was established in 2004 with the aim of assisting employers and employees with their work and career by applying European principles to a new form of recruitment.
Between the very beginnings of our company and present day, we have employed hundreds of workers – a number that only continues to grow. Likewise, we have concluded many multi-annual contracts with renowned companies, which testifies to our serious and professional approach to human resources.
We expand our business exclusively through recommendations, which means we take a professional approach to every single job in order to satisfy both employers and employees.

Permits for work:

Approval from the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Croatia, Directorate for Labour and the Labour Market under number 35/10, Class: 102-02/10-05/04, File no.: 526-08-02-03/4-10-3

Permit from the Ministry of Labour and Entrepreneurship, Class: UP/1-102-02/14-03/16, File no.: 524-04-02-01/2-15-4